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Hide a product from your Shopify store search - Web Kraftz


There are instances when you want to hide a single product from the search results on your Shopify store such as, pre-launching a product and making it available to only influencers or selected members.

These steps hide product from displaying in YOUR STORE search results.

There are two ways you can add this feature using Metafields:

  1. Metafields Guru or a similar 3rd party Metafields app
  2. Use Shopify’s new Metafields editor.

Metafields Guru

  • Select Products & Variants

Metafields Guru Step2

  • Click on Create Metafield and add these values: 1) Type : Integer 2) Namespace: seo 3) Key: hidden 4) value: 1

Metafields Guru Step3

That is all, your product will now be hidden in search results.

Using Shopify Metafield editor

  • Head over to Settings and select Metafields


  • Click the button “Add Definition”

  • Fill in the following values


  • Go to the product you want to hide and add the value of 1


That’s all what is needed to hide your product from your store search results.

If you need assistance in setting up this, do send me an email at

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